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The TESLA MODEL 3 2018 ON FAST AERO BODY KIT is a high-quality accessory that will completely transform the look of your Tesla Model 3. This complete aero kit adds a more appealing, futuristic look to your vehicle.

The body kit components are manufactured to a high quality using injection moulded PP plastic. They have been 3D modelled using scans of the Tesla Model 3, ensuring a precise fit on your vehicle.


This body kit has a high-gloss black finish and provides aero downforce, improving the stability and performance of your vehicle. The installation of this body kit is moderately difficult, and we recommend seeking professional installation for the best fit and results.

Upgrade your Tesla Model 3 with this FAST AERO BODY KIT from Risper Styling and take your driving experience to the next level. Shop now and start transforming the look and performance of your vehicle.

Tesla Model 3 Gloss Black Aero Kit

  • Included :

    • Front Splitter
    • Side Skirt Splitters
    • Rear Spoiler
    • Rear Diffuser
    • Canard Accents
    • Rear Bumper Skirts left and right

     Key Features: 

    • High gloss black finish
    • 3D Cad designed using 3D scanning
    • Precise fit
    • Durable PP injection moulded
    • Provides aero downforce 


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