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"The most effective advertising method you can use!"

Why Vehicle Branding?

If you think of your vehicle as a billboard space.

Its something you already own and has valuable advertising space on it.

Your business vehicle will be seen by thousands of potential customers every day. Not only will a digitally printed wrap make your vehicle stand out from the crowd, it will also protect the paintwork of your vehicle underneath from minor scratches, salty roads, UV bleaching. 

Stealth-x can match to your corporate colours and keep your brand image consistent across a full fleet of vehicles.

If your vehicle is leased or you want to update your fleet, you can simply remove the wrap at the end of its life to unveil the paint as good as the day it was wrapped. This means that your vehicle will be far easier to sell and the re-sale value will be higher as the paintwork will be in such great condition.


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